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Dr Rapiti avoids using medical jargon, when he counsels his patients. If he has to, then he tries his best to simplify it to the levels of his patients’ understanding. He empowers his patients to solve their problems, with the aim of making them less reliant on him and to help them save money on unnecessary visits.

What We Offer


Headaches are probably one of the most common problems that patients present to their GP’s. Some of the many underlying causes for headaches are depression, stress and anxiety. 

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If these underlying conditions are not detected and dealt with appropriately, many patients become addicted to codeine pain relievers. Eventually, many of them suffer from medicine misuse headaches, popping as many as 10 to 20 codeine tablets a day.

The other highly addictive drug is Grand –pa tablets. Patients can be hooked on about 6 to 10 Grand-pa tablets per day and it is quite freely available on supermarket shelves. Little do people realise that the chemical acetyl salicylate, contained in most aspirin tablets can lead to serious kidney damage and ulcers if taken in high doses.

Migraine Over Diagnosed

Many patients suffer from tension headaches but these headaches are commonly misdiagnosed as migraine and end up with the wrong treatment. 

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Dr Rapiti has a special interest in the treatment of tension headaches and migraines. He treats tension headaches with a needling technique. The main advantage of this treatment it is that it is generally considered to be safer and more affordable.

Women’s Health

Dr Rapiti has a special interest in mood disorders affecting women. Many women suffer tremendously from premenstrual tension and from the effects of menopause for much of their lives. 

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With the right approach, this can be minimised to help women lead happy and fruitful lives. Other services for women include pap smears, family planning and breast check-ups.

Dr Rapiti encourages females to have regular annual check-ups to detect diseases early and to prevent them by screening for diabetes, cholesterol and doing ECG’s to exclude heart diseases in them.


Dr Rapiti has a special interest in the treatment of complicated hypertension. Hypertension is a silent killer, as it rarely has any symptoms. Patients could have quite high blood pressures and have absolutely no symptoms at all. 

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This is where the danger lies. A high or raised blood pressure places an individual at high risk of getting a stroke or a heart attack.

The only time a raised blood pressure is diagnosed is on routine examination. Early detection and treatment of hypertension is vital to prevent a stroke, heart attack or kidney failure. Treating high blood pressure in the early stages prevent damage to the heart and kidneys and costs far less than treating it in the late stages.

Patients with high blood pressure and diabetes are at a greater risk of getting a stroke than patients, who suffer from hypertension or diabetes alone so, special attention must be paid to the management of hypertension in patients with diabetes and education should be given on the importance of medication compliance.

Tests offered

ECG, lung function tests

ECG: this is a heart test to detect if individuals have any underlying heart disease like ischaemic heart disease and irregular heartbeats.

Lung function tests: This test is advisable for people, who are suspected of having asthma or severe lung diseases caused by heavy smoking. It is a helpful test to monitor the progress of a disease.

Minor Surgery

Procedures: Toe-nail removals, wedge resections, adult circumcision, removal of lumps and skin tags. All these procedures are in his rooms, by appointment.

Dispensing of Medicines

All clinical records are kept electronically for easy access and to maintain patient confidentiality. All scripts are done electronically for proper record keeping and to avoid written errors.

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Patient confidentiality is extremely vital for people afflicted with conditions like depression, sexual disorders, marital problems, and HIV, all of which have a huge stigma attached to them.

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