The manner in which world health authorities have dealt with the current health crisis has made the current era a reprehensible and evil totalitarian stone age.
Medical professionals no longer engage with one another in a civil manner on controversial issues. Civil and educated scientific debates and discussions have been replaced by the trading of ugly insults and gutter innuendos.
All platforms for scientists and doctors with opposing views were shut down. People with opposing views were hounded, persecuted and punshised as pariahs and members of the lunatic fringe. Highly reputable scientists and specialists with a deep commitment to save lives, developed highly successful protocols to save lives, but they were labelled as worthless reprobates because they defied the mainstream narrative to let the ill die in overcrowded ill-equipped hospitals. These conscientious and dedicated professionals were banished into cold isolation by their once faithful colleagues.
We have reached a stage of absolute immorality where, to do good, has become a crime. The current state of the world will be shamefully remembered in history as a time when a few rich, callous and ruthless people waged one of the worst wars against the whole of humanity for the love of money.
It has become a time when making huge profits was more important than to save lives. Even, many healthcare professionals turned their backs on society, in its darkest hour of need. Never before in the history of medicine, did healthcare stoop so low, that doctors failed to uphold their oath to do no harm.
Never before were doctors’ rights to treat patients to the best of their ability been so blatantly violated by governments with the aid and abetment of highly trusted regulatory authorities like medical councils and medical associations.
We have reached a situation, when the leadership of the entire world has become totally drunk with power.
We are living in a time when to speak the truth has become a crime. Speaking lies and towing the line of evil leaders was the order of the day.
Authorities cared less when their lies were exposed. They simply brushed it under carpet in the full gaze of billions of helpless, innocent and desperate people all over the world.
Revered journalists, media houses and social platforms, and highly reputable medical journals, medical councils and associations, sold their souls for a penny, and like praise-singers, sang the ugly narrative of the most heinous and evil people to set foot on mother earth.
We are truly living in what can only be described as the darkest hours in human history. In one swoop, governments took away our right to express ourselves freely and the right to choose that which is best for ourselves and our health.
The entire world has become a tragedy of immeasurable proportions, when cries for help by the desperate masses of people, fell on deaf ears.
This tyrannical war against humanity will be fought and eventually won by the all powerful sword of truth. The victory might be a shallow one because the vanquished will leave the earth irreparably damaged before succumbing to defeat.
We must not lose hope, no matter how tough the battle.
It is time for the billions of people around the globe to equip themselves with knowledge to save the world from total and utter destruction.
History will never forgive us if we do not stand up to the heartless evil cabal that is hell-bent on destroying what is the most beautiful planet to live in.
EV Rapiti
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