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About Dr. Rapiti

Dr Rapiti has been a doctor for over 35 years. He worked in a secondary hospital, Livingstone Hospital, Port Elizabeth, as a medical officer for 4 years in the departments of internal medicine; adult and paediatric surgery, paediatrics; obstetrics and gynaecology, where after he decided to go into general practice.


Experience That Counts

Dr EV Rapiti acquired a number of postgraduate qualifications to enable him to provide the best service possible to his clients. He has post postgraduate degrees and diplomas in family medicine; children’s health; mental health and asthma; he has also done courses on diabetes, HIV and the management of opiod addiction.


Tried & Tested Solutions

Dr EV Rapiti regularly attends continuing medical meetings (CME’s) and reads widely to keep abreast of the latest treatments in medicine. He presents at medical gatherings and has done a number of radio shows on medical conditions, mental health and drug addiction. 


Taking The Time To Listen

Dr EV Rapiti makes sure to listen in details to any ailments his patients have. It is because of this attention to detail that the practice does not take appointments, as it is difficult to determine in advance how long each consultation will last. Bookings are, however, taken and approximate times are given.

Our Services

Dr Rapiti is a staunch advocate of laughter therapy and always uses it as a modality of treatment for his patients, who present with depression and anxiety. Laughter is the body’s natural way of tapping into the minds reserves of dopamine (mood stabiliser), serotonin (antidepressant) and endorphins (Pain reliever).

Medical Services

Dr Rapiti avoids using medical jargon, when he counsels his patients. If he has to, then he tries his best to simplify it to the levels of his patients’ understanding. He empowers his patients to solve their problems, with the aim of making them less reliant on him and to help them save money on unnecessary visits.

Lifestyle Disease Management

Dr Rapiti is very particular about the correct management of chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes and hypertension. His primary objective is to avoid unnecessary and costly hospital admissions. He attributes his low rate of admission to hospital to the proper control of his patients’ asthma and by giving them a good understanding of the condition.


DR Rapiti is of the firm view that addiction is an illness of the mind, which cannot be cured by drugs. He helps individuals suffering from the disease with empathy to change their mindsets about addiction. He uses non-medical modalities like meditation, relaxation techniques and affirmations to fight the disease. He empowers his clients to fight their disease on their own. 

Mental Health

Dr Rapiti’s has been offering mental health services since 1990 after he realised that almost 50 percent of his patients, who consulted him with somatic illnesses like headaches, fatigue, vague muscle pains, were actually suffering from some form of mental illness or the other. He qualified with a diploma in mental illness and developed a keen interest in mental health. 

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How Can We Help You?

4 Steps To Healing

Dr. Rapiti has written a simple self-help hand book, “4 Steps to healing” to help users and their families to overcome and cope with addiction. The book is available on Amazon.

Download 4 Steps to Healing booklet.

“After years of struggling with really bad migraines, almost on a daily basis. I was beginning to give up for any type of relief that you could help me. I have seen many doctors in the private sector and public sectors, including professors and even the headache clinic. Spending thousands of Rands and being prescribed all types of medication with serious side effects that these doctors don’t tell you about. I have done acupuncture and various other methods to find a cure for this debilitating illness. Meeting Dr Rapiti I was really sceptical. He listened to my history of my illness with real empathy and with genuine concern, something that lacked with all the private doctors and professionals I have seen.

The doctor then advised on what methods he will be using and we started treatment. Within a few weeks my pain was reduced by 80% and headaches became less frequent and I experienced relief after so many years of pain. Every time I visited Dr. Rapiti’s office I felt so much better and started to get some type of normal life back.  I would highly recommend anyone with a chronic illness to visit his offices and get proper treatment. We need more doctors like this.

Thank You Doc, you literally saved my life and will visit you soon.”



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